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Earn and win Bitcoin Prizes – A How-To guide to Daily Bitcoins

Bitcoin faucet is one of the easiest ways to get Bitcoins. Although it is not one of those serious ways of earning, it played a role in promoting the cryptocurrency to new users. There are a lot of websites that give free coins and they provide a lot of ways. Users can visit them everyday and earn small amounts by accomplishing simple tasks.

If you got a lot of free time on a day, Bitcoin faucet will be a perfect past time. Or if you are doing something else on your computer, it does not take much of the time if you visit a bitcoin faucet site and solve a captcha to earn some bitcoins.

In this guide, we will feature Daily Bitcoins where you will get absolutely free bitcoins everyday. They offer larger prizes displayed on the main page and you can win them luckily within the day. You can also view prizes that will be soon available on the Prizes page.

Aside from Bitcoin prizes, you can also win 3rd-party vouchers where you can redeem from an advertiser’s website. Daily Bitcoinscan not guarantee the value and validity of those vouchers though. Users should contact the advertiser if some of the vouchers were erroneous. To avail of the vouchers, you need to sign up an account with Daily Bitcoins.

How to Sign up an account in Daily Bitcoins?

To sign up an account, go to their website and click on the Sign in tab

Enter your desired username, email address and a password, then click on Sign up button
You can now start earning bitcoins.

How to earn free Bitcoins at Daily Bitccoins?

Earning Bitcoins with Daily Bitcoins is very easy and absolutely free.

Step 1 Login to your account

Step 2 Solve a captcha in the Hompage

Step 3 Place your bitcoin payment address on the address box

Step 4 Click Send button

You can either earn regular amounts of bitcoin, win bitcoin prizes (larger amounts) or win a voucher where you can use to advertise your website or resell to other users.

This short guide to Daily Bitcoins is also a way to promote our free tips and tutorials on our blog. Please do not forget to share and comment below.

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