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Mine Bitcoins your way with Hashflare – A tutorial to the unbeatable Cloud Mining service

Hashflare is an online service that offers bitcoin cloud mining which started in 2015. It is a department of a crypto-mining equipment manufacturing and selling company Hashcoins, which was founded in 2013. Hashflare allows users to gain profit through mining cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, on remotely hosted equipment. If you want to start mining Bitcoins but do not want to get physical equipment troubles such as high electricity costs, proper cooling, connection problems and more, you can do cloud mining as an alternative to the actual bitcoin mining.

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How does Hashflare works?

Hashflare data centers have hundreds of miners or highly efficient equipment that use large amount of electricity for cryptocurrency mining. These miners are connected remotely to pools where users can choose from, depending on the most profitable combination to them. Then, all of the cryptocurrencies mined are apportioned to all users based on their hashrate share in the whole system. All you have to do is to sign up an account on their website, buy hash power and start earning profit.

How to get started with Hashflare?

◘ Register an account with Hashflare

◘ Enter your email address, country and password then click REGISTER

◘ Then, go to your email and confirm your email address

◘ Next, a bitcoin address linked to your account is required. So go to settings tab and enter your bitcoin address on the BTC wallet section

Now, you are set to start mining and grow your bitcoins

How to start mining at Hashflare?

In order to start mining, you need to buy hashrate or cloud that is right for you. The following are the plans they offer:

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◘ On your Panel, click on Buy Hashrate menu and choose from SHA-256, Scrypt, ETHASH and NEW! X11. In this tutorial, we will use SHA-256.

◘ Adjust the amount of Hash rate you want to buy according to your budget then click proceed

◘ Full details of your purchase will be stated on the next page. Once it is all good to you, click Select Payment Method button

◘ You will be provided with a list of available payment methods. In this tutorial, we will use Bitcoin payment

◘ Confirm Terms and Conditions and click Confirm button

◘ You will be taken to Cryptopay, a third party payment processor with the total amount in BTC

◘ Deposit amount to the provided Bitcoin address then click Pay BTC button

◘ Once you already have your paid your Hash power, Hashflare will start mining for you. You will then start earning after hours then everyday. Your earnings will depend on your purchased Hash power plan.

◘ Withdraw your earnings by clicking on the Withdraw button

◘ Click Withdraw button again on the pop up window after seeing correct withdrawal details

◘ Confirm withdrawal in your email by clicking on the provided link

◘ You will then receive your Bitcoins within 15 minutes on the Bitcoin address you provided in your profile

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