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The Savvy Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin lending platform – A Step-by-step guide to BTCPOP

BTCPOP provides a unique peer-to-peer banking experience to its users including fast loans, investment pools, collateral tied loans and more. It provides its lending service within the Bitcoin network and they are the only bitcoin lending service that offers instant loan. The lending platform started in the year 2014, located in United Kingdom and was created by Lee Bartholomew, who is the current CEO of the company.

Unlike other loan companies, BTCPOP stores their users funds in their own offline storage, with a small part accesible through their online wallets. Aside from loan services, they also offer trading in cryptocurrencies. They accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin and more on the coming days. Also, they offer savings account to their users with 5% APR. Interest earnings are credited back to the user’s savings account balance at midnight GMT.

In this tutorial, we will focus on bitcoin investment where you will be able to grow your hard earned bitcoins. You will be able to fund bitcoin loans listed on the website.

How to get started with BTCPOP?

◘ Register an account by clicking on the Register menu as shown

◘ Enter your desired username, email address and your desired password.

◘ Then, go to your email and confirm registration by clicking on the link provided

◘ You will be taken to a new window where you will login using your username and password. You can enable your 2FA or two factor authentication once logged in.

◘ Edit your profile at the profile section as shown

◘ Verify your account by completing your General Information

◘ Then, validate your Google and Facebook accounts

Image result for BTCPOP platform

◘ And upload the following:
• Proof of billing not older than 3 months
• A selfie holding the written code and your identification document
• Document that verifies your income such as tax declaration, bank statements or any other else

◘ Edit your Security settings including your security phrase and 2FA at the Security section

◘ Fund your account by clicking on Add/Withdraw Coins from the Account menu and click on the + button beside the cryptocurrency you want to fund as shown

◘ Deposit your funds on the provided Bitcoin address

How to invest your bitcoins to BTCPOP?

◘ On your dashboard, click on Invest menu and choose from Personal or Business loans listings

◘ You can manually browse the listing or you can use filter options to get your preferred loan listing

◘ Click on your chosen listing to view the details. Enter the amount you want to invest then hit Invest button as shown.

◘ Monitor your investments by clicking on Investments under Account menu

◘ Withdraw your funds by clicking on Add/Withdraw Coins under Account menu. Click on ( – ) button beside BTC account and enter the withdrawal amount and withdrawal bitcoin address on the pop up window as shown

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