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A review to Digital Securities Exchange (DSX) – UK’s new breed of regulated secure exchange

Trade Bitcoin in UK’s first Digital Securities Exchange (DSX) run by FCA supervised electronic payment system, ePayments. The exchange uses the newest and most advanced technology and architecture which is carefully designed using current techniques, best leading practices and the companies own intellectual property. They make sure to provide a top quality software, easy-to-use user interface and superior financial industry standards.

DSX was launched in December 2014 and is founded by Robert Courtneidge, the current Chairman of DSX. Courtneidge said that this exchange is the new breed of fit-for-purpose exchanges set to capitalize on the new dawn breaking in payments.

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DSX exchange is operated by ePayments which is regulated by UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Conforming to the UK regulations, the exchange partners with ePayments to keep the funds of the traders secure on safeguarded and individual e-money accounts. Funds on ePayments are insured in an insurance brokerage company, Lockton which is located in Kansas City.

Why is payment regulation important?

Mike Rymanov, the CEO of ePayments explained to Coindesk the importance of having a regulated payment system for exchanges and bitcoin businesses. Cryptocurrency companies in the UK has difficulties in having stable relationships with the local banks. However, banks do handles an entity that is regulated and that is why DSX is setting up through a regulated approach.

DSX ensures security and safety of all traders’ funds by offering two-factor authentication, smart back-up, cold storage and manual withdrawal process.

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DSX allows risk-free test trading with pre-funded demo account which allows users to try using the trading platform and test their trading strategies.

The website provides real-time market charts and technical analysis tools that provides complete information for active traders.

They also provide strategy satisfying Market, Stop, Limit, Trailing Stop, Fill or Kill order types. They offer several currency pairs such as BTC / USD, BTC / EUR, LTC / USD, LTC / EUR, LTC / BTC, EUR / USD and BTC / RUB.

Traders can easily access their funds through their ePayments eWallet platform with an ePayments prepaid card. The prepaid Mastercard works as a debit card and can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs. Withdrawals through ATMs are limited at 3,000 USD per day and spending limit on the card is at 20,000 USD.


Trade commission are based on DSX’s teared commission structure which is designed to reward large volume traders. The the last 30 calendar days trade volume determines the applicable commission. The more the trading volume is, the lower the commission. Minimum fee for every deal is at 0.01 for EUR , RUB or USD and 0.00000001for LTC and BTC.

Deposits are free of charge on all currency types but this excludes fees and commissions for bank services and operations. However, there is a one-time fee for ePayments account validation. Withdrawal fees differ per currency: BTC (min. 0.0002BTC), LTC (min. 0.002LTC), USD (0.8%, min. $85 – max. $135), EUR (0.8%, min €75 – max €125), RUB (0.8%, min 6000 RUB – max 9500 RUB), ePayments (FREE).


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