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Andreas Antonopoulos on Bitcoin Scalability Dramas

Recent debates about Bitcoin’s scalability and the block size are making drama in the bitcoin community lately. “Mastering Bitcoin” author, Andreas Antonopoulous urges bitcoin users to not be distracted of these dramas, but instead focus on what the technology can do more which is its most important attribute. Antonopolous voiced this message out through an interview by Trace Mayer.

The commentaries and debates about Bitcoin’s scalability issue over the long term are mostly found on on the forum Reddit specifically on r/btc/ and r/Bitcoin/ subreddits. There is seem to be a division in the Bitcoin community with both sides having different views about the cryptocurrency. The question of scalability seem to be forever a part of how we see Bitcoin. Would there be an end about this debate? Does this debate even necessary to consider about how we should look at Bitcoin? Here are some of the good points from Antonopoulous worth considering.

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This issue has been long talked about since the last two years and still continues without end. Antonopoulous said that different views on the forum have gone bad and some of these dramas were just intentionally made for the purpose of distraction and hostility. He said the bitcoin community should better stop talking about scalability but rather talk about the Bitcoin’s technology and its roots. He said, the most essential feature of Bitcoin is its potential as a technology and it is also important that people will try to look at it in an objective manner. Bitcoin users should not be discouraged of the irrelevant dramas that are happening around. He said these dramas are just distracting people’s minds from the real progress that Bitcoin has already and still to achieve. Antonopoulous pointed out some which was supported by Bitcoin’s technology. These are the Lightning Networks, TumbleBit, MimbleWimble, Segregated Witness and RSK.

He also added that tumults should be expected and paid intruders and/or provocateurs has been always present in every disruptive organization and grassroots movements in history. He said that it is so naive to believe that Bitcoin would be the first one to not experience these problems. In addition, as to his observation, most Bitcoin users are not even aware about Bitcoin’s scalability, despite of the debates about this. He said end users are more concerned about whether Bitcoin technology works or not.

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Andreas shared his observation about how Bitcoin is today compared before. He said that Bitcoin is stronger than ever as it has never been this diverse in the present time. Despite the recent fall of Bitcoin’s price this year, its price rose almost double since the start of 2016 up to the end of the year. It has also reached its highest ever number of confirmed transactions in one day on the 5th of January this year. Thus, leaving these petty fuss behind, he encourages more Bitcoin innovations.

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