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Luno, formerly BitX – expanding globally and offering new products and services

One of the Bitcoin exchanges to watch out for this year is Luno. Previously named as BitX, Luno had its new name this January 11, 2017. The exchange decided to re-brand its name to give way to their expansion and launching of new products. According to their blog written by the CEO Marcus Swanepoel: “Luno means ‘moon’ and represents the […]

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Andreas Antonopoulos on Bitcoin Scalability Dramas

Recent debates about Bitcoin’s scalability and the block size are making drama in the bitcoin community lately. “Mastering Bitcoin” author, Andreas Antonopoulous urges bitcoin users to not be distracted of these dramas, but instead focus on what the technology can do more which is its most important attribute. Antonopolous voiced this message out through an interview by Trace Mayer. The […]

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