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ICObazaar is a platform for blockchain startup and crowdsale evaluation. The company’s mission is to help potential investors in the crypto space make more informed decisions. In addition to providing their own ratings for all ICOs on the platform, the company just this week launched a user review system to gather ICO evaluations from the crowd. […]

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Ardor could fix key blockchain weaknesses — if it can get its message out

In 2013, Jelurida, the team behind open source blockchain platform NXT, ran the second ever ICO. Although not a very successful token sale, raising a mere $6,000, the small team managed to build and launch NXT, which has since become a stable blockchain with a large variety of features. However, aside from a couple of noteworthy names […]

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Mine Bitcoins your way with Hashflare – A tutorial to the unbeatable Cloud Mining service

Hashflare is an online service that offers bitcoin cloud mining which started in 2015. It is a department of a crypto-mining equipment manufacturing and selling company Hashcoins, which was founded in 2013. Hashflare allows users to gain profit through mining cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, on remotely hosted equipment. If you want to start mining Bitcoins but do not want […]

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